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Julie Hibbard

The one thing that I have experienced about men is that they seem less forgiving...they tend to hold grudges. With their friends, a parent or a girlfriend...Even tho your information says that they are able to move on easier, I believe they often move on without resolve...I think women (in general of course) may "hold on" longer, simply because we need closure, we need to understand, we need to be able to keep peace with everyone before we can "move on".
Men (again, in general) can let go--on the outside--but may not forgive or work toward resolve on the inside.
Perhaps this has something to do with the overall violence they feel too.
Just an early morning thought.
Sure love your blog!

Derrick Kwa

Here's something that you might find interesting.

A few months ago, Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert), did an experiment. Even he acknowledges that it's not scientific by any means, but the results are still interesting.

His basic hypothesis, which was more or less supported by the experiment, women require a more explicit invitation than men to take action.

Just something that your post reminded me of. =).

Derrick Kwa

Oh, forgot to post the link. His comments on his experiment can be found here:


Thanks for this reminder of how the differences between men and woman compliment one another. This quote helps dilute the value judgments placed on our different ways of being.

One insight into how we approach problem solving in groups: men tend to assume a hierarchy and vie for power, while women solicit the wisdom of the circle for an agreeable solution.

For more insight into our brains and hormones, read The Female Brain by Louann Brizendine, M.D. From the back flap: "Thoughts about sex enter a woman's brain once every couple of days but enter a man's brain about once every minute?"

Happy Thanksgiving!


Wendy: 'men tend to assume a hierarchy and vie for power, while women solicit the wisdom of the circle for an agreeable solution.' Have you ever been around a group of adolescent ladies? Ooooh they're both for competitive and territorial.

Roger: If men are better at focusing on a specific task or solving complex math problems, why are they often portrayed as buffoons in advertising media?

Jorge Castillo

I believe that we men always try to find the right answer to problems. Women definitely show more natural creativity in finding options. How am I so sure? There's a dialog with my wife:

- Honey, which shoes look better: the red ones or the black ones?
- I think the black ones.
- OK, I'll take both pairs.


Lewis Green

I agree: Men tend to be problem-solvers, while women seem to gravitate toward consensus to solve a problem. That leads me to believe that in general women are less self-assured and comfortable with their ideas than are men.

isabella mori

in my observation, women tend to have easier access to their inner world than men. of course this may partially be because of social conditioning.

it's always important to remember that these are just TENDENCIES. in a room of 1,000 men and women, we'll probably find a higher proportion of women with easy access to their inner experience. that doesn't mean that when we take any ONE man or woman, this difference would be true for them as individuals.


Wow. Very nice article and informative too. Have you read this one it looks at how to be a woman at a different angle.

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