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Enthusiasm goes a long way. I am in the business of creative innovation and recently relocated from Holland to Brazil. I lost count on the number of frowned foreheads I encountered while announcing my move, but nearly every time I threw in my enthusiasm (read: conviction that we can learn a lot from creativity in emerging markets), those wrinkles seemed to vanish quickly.


i really like the site and completely agree with this post. we cannot make any progress in making the world a better place until we look past our own ideas and consider the ideas of others. i try to be as open-minded as i possibly can.

Jorge Castillo

You don't need to have a very "strange" idea or action to face criticism. There's opposition even in little changes at work or at business.

My best shield for little changes is: If it doesn't work we simply get back to where we are. This way people feel safe to try. And sometimes trying becomes a successful new way of doing a little thing. That's when people say: Why were we doing things like that?

Roger von Oech

Otto: Yep, enthusiasm can make a big difference.

Vagabondtramp: Thanks for stopping by.

Jorge: I agree with you: a lot of the world has its defenses up to keep out new ideas. But for good reason! If we went along with every new thing that came along, things could get really chaotic.


Roger, I just have to say, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for your wonderful books. I think "A Whack on the Side of the Head," changed my life. It made me think differently, and helped me realize that I was a creative person. It added so much fun and a new way of thinking into my life.

As to your post - I have slowly learned not to listen to those nay-sayers, (there are so many of them though). My shield is to head out to the web sites, books, blogs and fascinating people who inspire, uplift, and give hope. Thankfully these are growing by leaps and bounds and are easier and easier to find.

Roger von Oech

Shirley: Thanks for your very kind words. I also enjoyed visiting your delightful site!


As usual, such a timely reminder. I recently took the step to start my own business (although I haven't left the day job). This was a huge personal step for me and although 100 people can agree and say "it's about time - this is a great step," it takes such an effort to throw off the 1 comment from a naysayer. I needed this reminder today. Thanks.

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