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      Consequences! On a personal note, many years ago, when ALMOST complete with a major home-improvement project, a very-nearly-final action virtually always led to personal injury! Tired and careless, sure, but nevertheless.

      Result - after painfully confirming the apparantly inevitable, I simply designed the last action to be one that was both inconsequential to the design/execution and virtually invisible - known only to me!

      No more end-of-project lacerations!
      Broad application to other fields!

      Graham Horton

      That kind of thing happens to me all the time. Perhaps because I spend a lot of time talking about and teaching idea generation techniques :)

      In one case, I was teaching the technique called Assumption Reversal or Provocation/Reversal. I was using the university as an example. One of the assumptions I stated (on the spur of the moment) as an illustration was
      - "students receive their exams at the end of the term",
      which yields the reversal
      - "students receive their exams at the beginning of the term."

      While most of the students laughed, I realised that this was actually an interesting suggestion, since it would require formulating the exam in such a way that it wouldn't matter that the students knew it ahead of time (and incidentally meant that it wouldn't matter if it fell into the "wrong hands" before the exam date.)

      That turned out to be a very worthwhile exercise, since it taught me a lot about the difference between knowledge and understanding and about asking the right questions.

      So for the past few years, I repeatedly amaze students by announcing at the beginning of term that they will be given the exam papers several weeks before the exam date... :)

      Roger von Oech

      Randy: Nifty solution, but painfully learned!

      Graham: Nifty solution, arrived at in an interesting way!

      Saurabh Garg

      For me, unintended result was better than the objective.

      I never read any books. Once I had to create a class report and for that I had to read a book by MK Gandhi. Once I took that book up, I could not put it down.

      Have been hooked onto reading ever since. And not to mention, picked a very very good hobby. Now it is more of a necessity rather than a hobby. Cant think of a life without books.


      terry grant

      My blog has also yielded unexpected consequences. I started it almost by accident. I was reading someone else's blog and wondered how one built a blog--followed the link at the top of the page and before I knew it had set up a blog, without any thought as to why. I learned that I loved writing. I learned that writing a blog entry every few days seemed to make my life more interesting and I was observing my own life more closely. I met interesting people. I sold artwork that I posted on the blog. I was approached by two different magazines to write articles, which will be published soon. I reconnected with old friends. Who knew?

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