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Roger von Oech

Some answers:

1. Second place, not first.

2. How can you overtake a last-place runner? You’d have to have been behind him, which would make you last.

3. Mary, not Nunu.

4. He probably just asks for the sunglasses.


Same as above except 2. First place (the first place runner would be able to overtake the last place runner!)

Cam Beck

Ha! I totally blew by #3. "Mary's father..." Nice.

Roger von Oech

jKlehe: That would be "lapping the field." But assume that it's a cross-country race.

Cam: Me too. I was "Nunu" all the way.


I'm sure the fact that I only had time for one cup of coffee this morning played into the fact that I went with Nunu AND was able to overtake the last place runner...

Paul McEnany

Well, now I feel stupid. :)


1. Got that
2. I lapped the guy and was in first. Not fair to tell us to assume it is a cross country race when you throw up a picture of a race on a track.
3. Call me Nunu....what a dork I was
4. I made the assumption he was a blind mute trying to ask for sunglasses....bad assumption. I hate it when my mind goes on autopilot!

Thanks for the Sunday morning fun, Roger.

Jay Kelly

re: 2 . . . 'trouble bc you're not supposed to be in the race.'


Ha! That was fun. I only got the first one right.

Saurabh Garg

Unbelievable ... but got all :)

And yes I assume that I would overtake the last place runner. Agree with Paul, the picture that comes to mind when you think of race is an oval race track.

Stephen Denny

What's wood, has a sign nailed to it, and is planted in the ground?


What do you call beef that's been cooked in an oven?


What do you put in a toaster?
A: ________?

Jen, writer

Okay, so I'm probably the last to comment here and so I did happen to see what other people's answers were. Still, it's so much fun trying to answer trick questions like these. I admit I was pretty distracted by all the Ns in Mary's siblings that I actually answered None to be the 5th daughter. Harharhar! :)

Roger von Oech

KrisB: What your siblings' names?

Nutster: You're Mr. Enthusiasm!

Jay: You're probably right.

Leke: Aw, that's okay.

Paul: Too bad about your Cowboys.

Saurabh: Nice going.

Stephen: A classic. We should do a post of classic assumption-breaking puzzles. Too bad about your Redskins.

Jen: Hope you get your million.


I had
second (correct)

first. clearly your lapping the person (otherwise your photo is deliberate misdirection)

Nunu - Mary could be a boys name :-)




I feel very stupidiotic now.




wow! i feel dumb...


wow! i feel dumb...




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