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patti digh

I'll be damned if Wally Doodle isn't the spitting image of a friend of mine. Cute, cute, cute.

Roger von Oech

Patti: These are my three Corgis. Razzbo is 6, Wally Doodle is a puppy, and Zack is 2. Lots o' fun!


Best dog picture I have seen in ages...maybe ever. It looks like Wally Doodle has a future in modeling. He seems to have more interest in playing to the camera. I believe the other two are saying, "Hey, creative boy, can we finish the photo shoot so you can do what you are here fill the chow bowls?" At least, that's what I hear....

....but then, I hear a lot of things.



Here is a creative idea for you. I am sure you have a client list or people you need to stay in touch with. The personal note is still THEE greatest way to make impact. One way to do it is to send a card around a time of year when other's don't. Take the picture above, make it the cover of a card, it opens up to: "It may be summer but the dog days are a blast at my place. What can I do to help you?"....or something like can work with it. You can then leave space to write a personal note.

Of course, I think you should mention the models by name somewhere in the card and acknowledge them. You don't want them to go union all over you.

Roger von Oech

Nutster: Thanks for the comments! Yes, Wally Doodle (like most young puppies) is adorable. Thanks also for the card ideas. Maybe I'll do something like that on Nat'l Pet Day on July 15th.

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