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Valeria Maltoni

I always enjoy the creative whack pack card posts. Lately I have been so focused on the moment that I have not really had any sense of time -- except for when it's gone. So maybe time is the thought.

Before we turn 18 (16 here for driver's license?), time is incredibly s l o w. Then we can't wait to be 21 (here, I was happy at 18 :). That, too, is rather long to wait for. Then we turn around and we are in mid-career. How did we get there? Looking back, we can see the dots we connected.

Thank you, Roger. I needed this!

Roger von Oech

Valeria: 21 wasn't so long ago for you, no?

Valeria Maltoni

You are good, Roger. Thank you!


I'm involved in determining how to have a new Renaissance in the physical reality of our cities and towns. Pre- and post-Renaissance, leaders of purpose had new avenues, plazas, gates, city additions and major buildings designed and built to solve infrastructure problems including transportation while bringing new life to areas of their cities. Examples include Sixtus V in Rome (great streets), Baron von Hausmann in Paris (unfortunately to clear slums for clear fields of cannon fire), the leaders of Urbino, Parma, Verona, St. Petersburg, Washington DC planning. Unfortunately, it took "raw land" and power/money and/or (benevolent in some cases) autocratic leadership to get it done. Big problem!! City wide democratic solutions haven't been possible, so small scale interventions that set the stage for future "visionaries" to build on the foundations are the key, as in Florence, Italy with its Renaissance.

Jay, writer

I actually have my own Creative Whack Pack. A living, breathing version in the form of my girlfriend. Anyway, making historical analogies is always fun. I love history and I sometimes tend to apply political situations in decisions I make in life. It would be pretty interesting to trace the campaign of the future President of the United States, too, actually. I bet that's just loaded with lessons.

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