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patti digh

Many thanks for this reminder to put down my clever, Roger. And if you haven't already, you must, must, must run and get David Mamet's book, On Directing Film. I think it is one of the best books I've ever read - about writing, about intention, about direction - Run, don't walk, to find it.... and thanks for this great post!

Roger von Oech

Patti: I'll check it out. Fortunately for Mamet, he's been able to direct a number of the films he's written, and that's given him more power in Hollywood than most writers have.

Here's a quick quote from the same interview about what it's like to be a Hollywood writer:

"[Hollywood] still doesn't treat the writers right. The whole idea is, 'We'll give you a whole bunch of money to write this television show. Then if you don't mind, take off your hat -- I want to defecate onto your head and rub it into your hair. And set your pants on fire.' It's really clear. That's the wonderful thing about Hollywood. There's nothing hidden."

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