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I like that a lot of positive ideas are being exchanged. The suggestions of burn-out and taking time away sound like good ideas.

Others suggested taking the negative energy and somehow converting it. That sounds crazy to me, but makes sense. But, if the 'energy' is already present, then you're already half-way there.

Jeff Mordan

Patti & Tony's comments most appealed to me. All I could think of was that the problem is you’re not embracing what your good at. Why can't negativity be a catalyst for creativity?

I think of two things. Woody Allen (who turns self doubt into hilarity), and this site:

Whenever I feel most cynical, that site helps me to not take it so seriously. It's so funny, creative, AND negative. Expressing doubt is human, and other people can relate. Finding a way to make the negativity funny might help.

It may sound crazy, but what the hell. I’m trying a different approach.


Look at the first two videos on "procratination" in YouTube (the cartoon and the 30nin guy).

I promise you, you will be surprised.

Kind regards


P.S. You master is aslking you to be creative!!!

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