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      Sarah Brush

      Is it just me or does it say taste twice and not touch?

      Roger von Oech

      You're right! Can't do too much tasting. Should say "Smell" (in the illustration) as well. Since corrected.


      That's very inspiring.

      I started creating my own questinos.



      Jim Ley

      When I smell diesel I am returned to memories of walking the streets and riding the buses of Dickoya, Sri Lanka. I was an AFS exchange student there in the summer of 1976.

      I have vivid memories of backpacking in Desolation Wilderness in 1977. I have fond memories of swimming in its chilly mountain lakes.

      I have not so fond memories of diving into my apartment swimming pool one spring. I was hoping to have a refreshing swim, but what I remember was how shocked my body was plunging into the coldest water I had ever entered. I learned they don't always heat the pool.

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