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Absolutely true! My blog is dedicated to a discussion of elevating performance magic from the trivial. In one of my posts, I mentioned that the first magic shop I visited as a child was in the corner of an adult bookstore. My blog has been hit many times with many disappointed searchers.


Yep, Very True. I keep posting articles with tags like "poetry","wisdom", "art", "inspiration" etc. But that doesn't generate traffic. Just the mention of "sex", "nude" - then the traffic picks up. Ces't la vie!

Roger von Oech

Fredrick and Avalok: Thanks for stopping by and providing your similar experiences with sex-related tags.

I wonder if this current post — with its sex-related title — will be my second most visited post?

Free to think, free to believe

I remember an article in one of my 'Writer's handbooks' that was entitled 'Sex Sells'...

I hope this comment doesn't lead ever more comments of the unprepared for serious discussion here...

Mary Richmond

This post made me smile--I just wrote about whales returning to Cape Cod--imagine what a post mentioning whale sex might bring in! Silly me, I just wrote they had been in the southlands mating and calving....;-)The post I get the most hits on is "pet peeves", usually by students who have typed in "pet peeve essay"

Jeff Mordan

That was really funny Roger.
As an experiment, I tried all your suggested search variations (if I must, I must!). Only the last one had your site on the first page of results for me.
If I ever start my own blog, I'll make sure to put a risque title for every post :-)

Roger von Oech

Jeff: Thanks for stopping by. I just looked into my stats for today and checked into the referring address of the links that led to my "Giant Beautiful Naked Older Women in Public" post.

Most are Google searches. And it's possible to see what the searcher typed into the query field and also on which page it was on query results. You're right that the above post is only page 4 when queried for "Naked women."

However, for today at least, it was page 1 when the searcher sought "older women," "naked American women," "happy older women," "older women," "naked late teens," etc.

Also, as I was looking at these stats, I noticed that most of the Google UK searches came around noon California time (which is in the early evening in GB).

I think this is all quite amusing!

terry grant

I wrote a blog post about a book by a Japanese quilt maker. She coincidentally has the same name as a famous Japanese porn star. It is my most frequently visited post. Imagine the disappointment when the searcher finds quilts!


These are all nice women picture and her all performance is very stagger .

dave wainscott

Great blog. I am a pastor, and haev loved your stuff for years. "Whack" has been vital not just for sermon prep, but all ministry. Found your blog via Jonny Baker.

I really get a kick out of how people click onto my church and culture blog. I intentionally sometimes write provocative titles, but i had no indeed how many people searched for "naked church" or "naked models" of church(:

Jonny Baker and I have both linked to " the #1 Christian porn site."
you can guess we get some hits(:

keep up the great work

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Sex sells, even if it is woman to woman. I think that older women are getting our attention too.


I wanted to see beautiful naked women. You showed me beautiful naked women. that is the internet working correctly.

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