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I've often heard this decade referred to as the "noughties" (pronounced like "naughty" with an s on the end)


The noughties, obviously!

Matthew Sanborn Smith

Since the nineties, I've been thinking that this decade should be called the "naughties" after naughts for zeroes. I wanted to spread this worldwide, but had no platform. I saw that science fiction writer, Charles Stross, used the term "naughties" for this decade in his blog last year.




I always figured it'd be something like "the two-thousands" ...but, that doesn't make sense.

Wow, this is a hard one. This has been a crazy decade so far. I'll have to give this one some thought.


I guess I like my naming horizons a little longer than yours. I recently declared this entire century to be The Century of Food. But I will take baby steps by entering my candidate as the decadal winner of your contest. What do I win? :)

But more seriously, here are several others:

1. The decade we learned we didn't know how to manage financial risks after all, clever derivative instruments notwithstanding.

2. The decade we first dismissed and then took seriously, the phenomenon of Web 2.0

3. The George Bush decade

4. The decade we finally paid attention to the big problems (green house, running out of gas, running out of water).

David Zinger

The Double-Oh Decade: Licence to Thrill and Shrill.

Derrick Kwa

Awesome question. Haha. I love David Zinger's "Double-Oh" suggestion, though. I'm not really that creative, so can't think of anything much.

And besides, due to my age, I don't really know where this decade stands in comparison to others. ;).

Bill Morgan

I also had hopes for "The Noughties", but it hasn't worked out that way...

Bill Machi

How about the pre-teens?

Gavin Heaton

I also like the Double-Oh (like Cool McCool).

But really, I am thinking it is like Oh, Oh! As in "the sound we make when something goes wrong". Seems like we are being constantly confounded, pausing, and then moving on as quickly as possible!

Sue London

I really like the pre-teens! That's funny!

I've been thinking that this decade will be called the 'thousands. Note the apostrophe - it should be the two thousands, but that's too long so we'll shorten it.

Much like the decade itself it won't entirely make sense but will sound sort of cool... if you don't think about it too much.

Cam Beck

I always heard it would be called the "aughts" (Pronounced "oughts").

As in: I ought to have done x.

The decade that falls between 2011 and 2020 would be called the "wills."

As in: I will do x.

Peter Hoh

the OOps decade.


Forget George Bush or terrorists...this decade it became clear we have created even bigger problems.

I propose the "water" decade. Water has become our biggest enemy: we already face a shortage of clean, potable water, while, oh irony, we face being submerged by 10 feet of it once our polar ice caps have stopped melting.


The "naught" decade sounds good -- lots of allegedly big ideas, hyperole, cant and rhetoric that, I believe history will show, came to "naught" - and if some prove out, remember that "no good deed goes unpunished"!

Phyllis A Rogers

I'd cast my vote with the "Oh-No" decade, as in, "Oh-no, we're at war", "Oh-no the ice caps are melting", "Oh-no, we can't educate our children properly", "Oh-no, no one can afford health care", etc. And, in honor of the big hoopla coming into the year 2000.

Randy Frushour

Weeeeeell ... I think the riddle answer is faita compli the "twenty zeros" as at the height of the online poll, well before I was even around the internet during those days doing other things, Chief Editors of the OE and the M-Webster announced the answer would come out of pop culture which is where I plastered the cultural engineers (search engines) with nomenclature about the whole matter and all one need do is search any engine the phrase "decade name" and voila'. Thanks for the award now we need to plaster streets, cable media editors, hollywood and madison ave with the two word alpha-numeric title. Say it a number of casual ways such as mentions at the website here below like the "20 O's" or the "20 Z's," the "T Z's" etc etc
signed ZDecade

Ryan Guerra

The Unies! The years between 0 & 9 are only one digit and uni means one. Unicycle, unicorn. It also is a pre-fix that means to make one. University is a bunch of colleges. Uniformity. This word works for the weather, ages and numbers. For example, "Temperatures are getting cold, in the low to mid-unies." or "I'm in my thirties and my little sister is in her unies" or "Kobe Bryant's rebound average fell to the upper-unies" Check out three videos on you tube: Good Morning Columbia, WLTX, New York City

Cathy Ferreira

I think Ryan has something going here with naming this decade "The Unies." I enjoyed the videos that he has on "You Tube." He took this concept to the next level with news coverage and promoting on the streets of NYC. Anyway I can get a t-shirt to support "The Unies?"

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