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food for thought, no doubt.
different points of view always change your perspective on things.


Putting yourself "in the shoes" or "wearing the hat" of someone of vastly different background, skills, economic, religious, physical or cultural status - or "merely" of your customer, competitor or critic(what a concept!!)is both humbling (can help remove ego/hubris), simplifying and focuses thinking on your issue back to the basics.


Just had an aha! moment with this the other day. I realized I was getting in a rut with my thought generating method and it needed a little shaking up. I turned to something completely new and different and it put some fresh thoughts in the pipeline.

Cam Beck

"having your IQ decreased by 50 points"

I wouldn't enjoy having a negative IQ. ;)

Roger von Oech

Randy: Always a good technique.

Jen: Hope it works out.

Cam: I always had you pegged to at least three digits!

Eric Peterson

I love your suggestions! Ice Cream in the morning sounds GREAT! This is definitely something I need to start practicing. I have found myself becoming stuck in a funk, and I think it's because I've lost my creative desire.

On a side note...I just started reading your book "A Whack on the Side of the Head!" So far (only 40 pages in), it has been a great read! Very thought provoking!


"A vicious civil war in your country:"

--no more trying to be "neutral" or even "moderate"-- I'd have to take clear sides on the central issue
--time to put thoughts and philosophies and theories into action
--as a writer I'd want to record the stories of pain and resilience
--some sort of "underground" would be established;
--life lived at a more immediate level-- survival, vigilance, connection within a network of like-minded people that look out for each other, can supply each other with basics
--still, an uncertainty of who to trust; huge impact on currently superficial relationships [passing acquaintances, friends-of-friends]

I don't know why I chose this one-- probably because it is sooooo difficult for me to imagine the situation, so it's a real whack. I am taking a couple of cues from students who have come here from Bosnia-- some incredible stories.


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