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      Ilsa Jennrette

      Congratulations! Hope it does well for you. I look forward to checking it out.


      Bravo! I have the first two editions (and did obtain the first in 1983!!) and continue to refer to the book and my original reading notes - fabulous resource!
      All the best with the new edition!

      Roger von Oech

      Ilsa and Randy: Thanks for the good wishes! I appreciate them.

      David Warner

      Congratulations, Roger! The cover looks great.

      Bill Machi

      Congratulations! I coach junior-high logic for the academic decathlon and use examples from your book extensively (and also plug it to the parents). I think it's more important to think creatively than drill problems.

      Karl Boggs

      Congratulations!!!! I remember finding Whack shortly after I read an article on teaching creativity in Smithsonian magazine - I think it may have been 1983 or 1984. It has been one of the books that I never lose track of. THANKS!

      Roger von Oech

      David: I like new cover too!

      Bill: Thanks for the kind words.

      Karl: Always good to hear from you!

      Cam Beck

      Congratulations, Roger! Can't wait to read it.

      Paul (from Idea Sandbox)

      This is exciting, Roger! Heraclitus is smiling on you!

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