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Eric Ladean

Well, it must be a big meet 'cuz the guy has his head shaved. Is he competing in the "Melon Bowl"?

It doesn't look like he's got one of those new Speedo LZR suits, does it?

John Koetsier

That is a slightly disturbing pic!

Jen Haertling

I like how the artist incorporated seeds as the goggles.

Alex von Oech

Looks like he's juicing to me!


Mike D

I would like to know who the artist is. I willo be making watermelon wine and want to use the art on my labels. I do not sell wine, I only give it to family and friends. Would anybody here be able to put in contact with the artist? [email protected]

Lisa Stonecipher

I see a couple of things right off the bat. One: the Fu Man Chu mustache I see on the figure, gives me a visual of a wise Zen Guru, who is illustrating the adage "You are what you eat." Two: I picture an alternate reality, where things are quite different from where I live. When I was a child, my Dad used to tell me " Spit out your watermelon seeds, or you could start growing one in your belly." It was said jokingly, but I was careful to follow his advice anyway. This is a representation of what happens when you don't listen to your elders, in watermelon world.

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