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Inspiring in both directions. The usage, stories, and metaphors are great - I am very glad you shared this.

I don't think this is a new use, but I gave my Dad a BoW after a stroke both because I thought he would enjoy it and working with it would help him recover control of his hand a bit quicker. I can't say how much it helped but he does enjoy it and he is doing better.

Gavin Heaton

Awesome story, Roger. I know some kids who may benefit in this way -- just never thought of it before.

Roger von Oech

Karl: Thanks. I think you are one of the BOW's biggest supporters. Hope your dad is doing better!

Gavin: Thanks for stopping by. I wonder what "unexpected" uses AOC2 will find.


I like the inventive strategies in using the ball. I enjoy how they are used in helpful ways that are uncommon. This gave me the idea to look at many things from different angels to see what possible uses may come.
Thank you


Mike Wagner


I find it fascinating that the BOW can be "hired" to do so many things.

This post raises a question I am puzzling over.

How do we create products/services that fit into multiple narratives?

It's clear BOW is this kind of product!

Also, as I read this post I thought of how wonderfully self-forgiving the BOW is. You can break it but breaking the BOW is never fatal.

Keep creating...your wildest dreams,


This is an amazing discovery. I've done presentations in classes (Masters in Educational Technology) on how (mostly video or computer-based) commerical games can be beneficial educationally - but why not manipulatives as well! I'll definitely be exploring this as my academic career flourishes!

You continue to help my inspirational process with all your publications - thanks for the insight!

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