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      Randy Bosch

      Didn't you receive the Memo from HQ about Big Hair?

      Randy Bosch

      Roger, seriously though,
      I infer that you agree with Mark Twain, Nassem Taleb (and me!) that history does not repeat itself. You're use of "rhyme" is very insightful. Historical simile's?
      (And I guess you didn't get the Big Hair Memo).

      John Koetsier

      Interesting observation, Roger. Thanks for having it and publishing it!

      (Is tie-dye coming back too?)

      Roger von Oech

      Randy: "Big Hair" -- we are fortunate that it hasn't come back. "Swinging" won't come back either (at least not like the 70s, due in part to lingering concerns about AIDS and STDs).

      John: What similarities do you see?


      As in the 70's, US Auto manufacturers are surprised with the need for energy efficient and economical vehicles.

      Alex von Oech

      As in the 70's, the Rolling Stones are playing to sold out crowds. Hell, Keith Richards probably still thinks it's the 70's!

      Jeffrey Phillips

      Great minds must think alike. I think we are in a 30 year cycle and just repeating the 1976 election. People were tired of a Republican who had alienated a lot of people, and the Democrats rejected the clear front runner for an "outsider" who was going to "change" Washington. Energy prices were a concern and there was a general "malaise" about the economy. It's deja vu all over again. Even Iran is a key threat - just like in the Carter administration!


      Let's see... in the 70s: Old White Men control the branches of government.

      ... in the 00s: Old White Men control the branches of government!

      Yea... I see your point!

      John Thomas

      Well, being musical, I hope we'll see a dissatisfaction with much of the music coming out right now and that we'll see a new movement with something honest and real and creative like the punk movement was that I can appreciate musically.

      If it's here, I haven't seen it yet, and, believe me, I'm looking.

      For new stuff, I'm starting to look back to older stuff. But, I guess, that would make me like The Clash in that respect.

      Hey, in that light, I can think more highly of myself than I should! I guess history does repeat itself!

      - John


      "Question: What other similarities do see between the current decade and the 1970s?"

      Really, really shitty music.


      C. Duke

      Well of course the 00s are like the 70s... Don't you remember the 90s being like the sixties? I know I sure do. >;D

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