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      Eric Talbot

      It makes me think of the multi-trillion dollar carbon tax bill that was being debated in the US Senate last week.
      Why anyone would put something as important AND complicated as US energy needs in the hands of semi-informed and self-righteous politicians is quite scary.

      We all dodged a bullet when the bill was shelved.

      Randy Bosch

      Recollection of an incredible horror arising a Vietnam War news report of the day regarding results of regimented following of "experts" direction..."We had to destroy the village in order to save it".

      Alex von Oech

      Makes me think of the Treaty of Versailles and the severe regulations put on Germany after WWI, 'The War to End All Wars'.

      The Treaty of Versailles was intended to keep the German government humble, and to never allow for another Great War. But the terms were too stringent. They handcuffed the German government, caused intense stagflation, and a resulting microscopic national morale. All giving way to a radical dictatorship that swept the diminished country up in promises of a bright future.

      Roger von Oech

      Randy: War seems to have many examples of good intentions gone astray.

      Alex: Peace also seems to have a number of examples of good intentions gone astray. You highlighted one of the more significant recent ones.

      Curtis Dumonceaux

      A Tarantino movie.


      Reminds me of the liberation of the iraqis by the US from the oppression and constant threat to their lives that they were having under Saddam Husein. Now they live a way better life, kinda like the giraffes in the picture.

      Mission accomplished.

      Saurabh Garg

      Its like being Penny wise and Pound foolish at the same time .. !

      John S.

      It got me to think of news reports that ethanol subsidies have led to increased carbon emissions.
      And of news reports that using ethanol may have led to increased food prices.
      And to editorial comments that global cooling may be more of a problem than global warming.
      And that creativity sometimes makes things worse as in some new features of Microsoft Word (particularly when it makes changes I don't want it to make) and in a slew of other computer programs.

      Roger von Oech

      John: A lot of thought-provoking examples. Thanks!

      Rob Frappier

      Bringing the conversation back to business a little bit, the cartoon reminds of companies who are too eager to enter an emerging market that they don't fully understand and alienate their customers as a result. Examples of this are rampant in social media like MySpace, Facebook, Youtube, etc. Companies which seek to lure generation y consumers, such as myself, will be at best, ignored, and, at worst, resented and mocked if they enter one of these communities without a strong strategic purpose.

      hidden persuader

      "Don't preach if you can'y pray"

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