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"El ángel exterminador"

I guess this is one of his best movies.


Roger von Oech

Peter: "El ángel exterminador" was made in 1962 with the same lead actress, Silvia Pilan, who was in "Viridiana." Unfortunately, it is not available through Netflix. I see that it can be viewed using Bit Torrent, but I've never used that service.

Any readers with experience with Bit Torrent who can report about its ease of use? Many thanks!

Mike Wagner

Thanks for sharing your summary of Bunuel's story themes.

"Life is paradoxical" connected with a recent client experience I had.

This past week I learned that I why I had been chosen to work with a much desired client (let's see if they stay that way - grin).

In a phone interview I had shared a story that introduced a paradox.

This in turn opened an entirely new perspective on the project.

Which in turn opened the client to working with me and my firm.

So now I'm asking myself; what are the paradoxical stories, what are the mystery stories and what are the spiritual stories I need to tell when asking for a business opportunity?

Thanks, as always, for stirring the pot!

Keep creating,

Roger von Oech

Hi Mike. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your experience. Paradoxes and mystery certainly add to the experiencing of life. Good luck with your business!

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