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Steve Cunningham

Roger - I've found that exercise not only makes me feel good, it actually stimulates great ideas for me (something to do with more neurons firing I think). And to loosen up, I almost always find that a change in scenery helps immensely.

Randy Bosch

I also find exercise and being irreverent (secularly of course) my "top 2" (although some would say that in my case, both are just being "irrelevant").

#3 is checking up on what's new at the Creative Think site!! Seriously (oops,there goes the loosening up)!!

Roger von Oech

Steve and Randy: Here's another sure-fire way to loosen up:

Steve Cunningham

Roger - well done. I'm going to give that one a shot.


I agree, Roger. It reminds me of the history professor and the psychology professor who were sitting on the veranda at the nudist colony. The history professor asks the psychology professor, "Have you read Marx?"

The psychology professor replies, "Yes, I have. I believe it is the wicker chairs."

Curtis Dumonceaux

I become like a child and play with my kids. I jump on our trampoline with them and get silly. I let them pile up pillows on me in bed and then jump on me while I tickle them. It's great.

John S.

Take our dog for a walk in the woods.

Roger von Oech

Nutser: A classic.

Curtis: Kids'll do that for you (but they'll do the opposite when they're teenagers).

John: Pets indeed (I have three Corgis).

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