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Alex von Oech

Funny that you mentioned the 'seal bouncing a ball on its nose' upside-down visual. That's the perspective he'll have most of the time when he looks down at this left arm.

Roger von Oech

'seal bouncing a ball on its nose'

I was thinking that too. Perhaps he'll discover some other shapes.

Randy Bosch

And with arm-flexing, your design has gone from two-dimensional to kinetic to articulated!!

Raises some very interesting ideas about other creative logos - let's animate them and see what added value occurs!

And, on the more (or less) practical front...Is the tat on his left arm? He could get a green one for the right arm.
(Port/Starboard thing)!

Roy Blumenthal

Hiya Roger...

Thanks mightily for your call last night! (South African time, it was sometime after midnight, so I only heard your voice message in the morning.)

I have to say that it was thrilling for me to hear from one of my two creativity gurus! (The other one is Michael Michalko.)

My right arm already has a tatt on it. If you click the link on my name in this message, you'll get through to an illustration I made of it. I think I'll have to take a photo of it at some point. Rest assured... It's real. It reads 'Right Arm. Property of Roy Blumenthal.' It's at:

Thank you so much for writing about the process. And for not suing me for copyright infringement!

I hope one day to be able to do a visual facilitation at one of your talks. My portfolio's online at I make live visual interpretations of the content of talks, seminars, workshops, and meetings. This is all done digitally on a tablet pc. Which is hooked up to a video projector, with my paintings-in-progress being screened in realtime.

Blue skies,

Roger von Oech

Randy: How much would you charge IBM to tattoo their logo on your forehead?

Roy: I look forward to seeing the finished version of your Phoenix tatt. IF you're interested, I've got some other designs you might want to apply to your back. : -) Good luck!

Stephen Denny

Roger: now you'll have to start selling motorcycle leathers with Whack Pack across the back. You'll scare the hell out of those other guys.

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What seal? Maybe worm :)))

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