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JHans Klehe

Hi Roger, Down in Texas where I live the people that go around 'demonizing' those things you mention in your post are being mocked and ridiculed for the religious zealots they are. So in a manner of speaking, we're demonizing them right back. I'm all for those women having themselves sterilized as it makes the gene pool that much healthier and stronger. What a bunch of self-loathing morons.

Randy Bosch

1. Christian beliefs.
2. American democracy.
3. Free enterprise system.
4. WHOEVER is President.
5. Self-directed endeavor.
6. Home ownership.
7. Anything connected with the Danzig Free
State? (a little humor?).
Wow; what a bleak outlook!
How about following with "What will be exalted?" so we can recover (or maybe be further depressed)?

Chris Tregenza

Things I *hope* will be demonised:

- Governments spying on their own citizens

- Pointless airline security checks

- CCTV cameras


Not recycling! Where i live (in Portugal) anyone who doesn't recycle and separate domestic trash is nothing less than an abominal creature.


1) Muslims
2) Pakistan
all that i can think of at the moment!

L. Vazquez

When I think about things sometimes... people who are poor or starving don't have the luxury of choosing what to demonize. Are they affected by it?

Maybe we need to demonize the idea of 'starving' or 'job loss & unemployment' ...things that will HELP people, instead of demonizing things like global warming.

Philip Guildford

Anyone who opposes art in any form. I don't mean people being opposed to "art" itself, but rather people who speak out about the very real negative effects that art (be it visual, film, music, novels, videogames, etc.) has on society. People today will quickly heat up over anyone saying anything negative about their favorite music or movies. It can be the most obvious thing in the world to those who will open their eyes, but given the pervasiveness of society's indulgence in such things, nobody wants to hear or believe it. Young people especially will honor any art form, whether it be the most vile work mankind has ever put forth, as something sacred and above any form of moral criticism. Take it from me; I'm 19, and I've tried speaking up about it more than once. And it's only getting worse every day.
What a depressing subject today Roger...

Philip Guildford

I'm sorry, I failed to make clear that I was referring to *some* of all that we call art having negative effects on society. Today, it's the majority of it. However art by default is not bad in any way. Just wanted to clear that up... I am an artist myself, after all. :D



Above the surface, the culture will demonize logos, celebrities, "news", and "big" in all its various forms.

Below the surface, the culture will demonize questioning dogma (be it 'global warming' and carbon offsets or a Dem in the White House).

Success will be out, political correctness will be in.

Then, hopefully, we'll have a really comprehensive backlash against all this nonsense, come back to our collective senses, and get on with things. Alternative endings are always possible, of course, but I like this one the most!

Roger von Oech

JHans: Yes, the self-sterilization reminds me a bit of the logic behind the Darwin Awards.

Randy: Thanks for your list, and also your future post suggestion!

Chris: You must live in the UK (we don't have nearly as many surveillance cameras in the US).

Roger von Oech

Philip: Yes it is a depressing subject. Perhaps I'll take Randy's advice, and do a "What's Exalted" post soon.

Stephen: Nice to hear from you. I hope you're right. Nothing like a "really comprehensive backlash" to clear out the system.

John S.


John S.


John S.



"muslims"? is that what you want BB or is that a real answer for the question up there? Well lets make you happy a bit. They are demonized. They have been demonized for a long time. What you see today.. These people who wreak terror, plant bombs etc.. They are fighting a war that ended many centuries ago. What you see is a corrupted mockup of the original religion. Islam had nothing to do with bloodshed and violence. If you compare The Quran with The Bible you will see it gives exactly the same messages about doing good and having mercy. Yes people have fought for Islam but it was in years 600s after The Christ. From my point of view those who still kill for religion still have the intelligence capacity of a person who lived in 600s. The main reason for this is the lack of education. For all the corruption Ive seen I didnt want to be named a muslim anymore some years ago. As I knew and felt He is the same god after all who is told in The Bible and The Quran (unknown or denied by some). Ive been deist since then. Sorry about my offtopic rant here. Im not here to argue anyone and probably wont come back to see if you answer.


Visionary: it is said that you converted from Muslim to being a diest. Like roger has said Demonization can take anyone in its captivity and force them to make decisions like yours. Even though after clearing out the air the demonized thing would be very different!

Tori Deaux

I fear that Science will be demonized on a broad scale.

The discoveries being made in so many fields are astounding, but they're also ethically challenging, threatening to many religious views, and difficult to understand. The Creation/Evolution debate already fuels some of demonization (especially with prominant atheists becoming the mouthpeices of Evolution) but so does cloning, genetic modification, bio-weapons and a continuing urge to deny the realities of global climate change.

With the right trigger (an industrial accident of some sort?) the evangelical movement could join up with the eco-movement to create a "Back To God's Natural Ways" militant group that would torch labs, burn books, and threaten/harass elementary school science teachers.


I need a cookie after this.


* Spending valuable time on facebook, twitter and dozens of other social networking time suckers.
* Being disorganized (already has begun)
* Not being "green" enough

Mark Aldiss




Smiley's probably will be on the no no list oneday



No one, in this day and age, can think of demonization without thinking of the imagined polarity between Islam and Christianity. Honestly, the belief systems are more simmilar than disimmilar.

I would love to see those who talk about Islam actually read The Quran and read about Islam. That would in deed be thinking outside of the box.

Will Islam continue to be demonized? That is up to the American Muslims. If we continue to hide away and be fearful of introducing ourselves, then we will never be understood. Inshahallah, God willing, there will be more bridging that takes place in the next two years.

What will become demonized?

Credit cards.

Web cams.

Hip Moms.

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