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Jeff Hodges

Mr. Clean liquid cleanser: "Hi, I'm Michael Phelps. I really cleaned up a the Olympics. Be like me and clean up with Mr. Clean." (Perhaps Phelps can shave his head for this one.)

Darby Eakins

Astroglide. "Take it from me, Michael Phelps, if you want smoother stroking, use Astroglide!"


Clearly he needs to negotiate an exorbitant multi-deal year with Speedos. Then he needs to let himself go, continue to eat that 10,000+ calorie diet a day and gain an ENORMOUS gut. Then he needs to go back to Speedos and negotiate another exorbitantly -priced deal to STOP endorsing their product...

Brett Slater

Here are a couple:

Gold Medal Flour - The ad copy pretty much writes itself...

KFC - "Where the 10,000-calorie-a-day diet was born"

My company - "Slater just got me two great endorsement deals with Gold Medal Flour and KFC, so I'm plugging his business for free!"

Roger von Oech

Jeff: And, of course, Phelps can "wipe up" Bounty or Brawny paper towels.

Darby: Smooth stroking indeed.

Fitz: Not a bad idea although I don't think Phelps to have a gut anytime soon. His sponsors want him in the limelight. To do so, he must swim.

Brett: Those suggestions actually seem probable (except the last one).

Stephen Denny

Michael Phelps for the new Extendo-Arm Swiffer -- *you don't even have to be close to the wall* to get that dirt and grime!

Monex. Did you know that investing a portion of your portfolio in gold beats the same return you'd get in silver or bronze (whatever they are)?

FedEx: when you absolutely positively have to be there just one one-hundredth of a second faster than your competition.

(PS: I hear that the Ukraine is now requesting that the US install the new Lezak Missle Defence System to run down any incoming rogue missles from, I dunno, rogue states. Not to mention the Bernard sponsorship of Orbit Gum, when you have to get that trash-talking feeling out of your mouth).

Roger von Oech

Stephen: Great list. "Bernard sponsorship of Orbit Gum, when you have to get that trash-talking feeling out of your mouth": I didn't know you followed swimming so closely.

Fake Alain Bernard

I think Obama should choose Phelps as his running mate. It's a perfect combo. Obama has loads of personality and little substance. Phelps, coined 'America's Super Fish' by the Chinese, is up to his chin in unreproducible accomplishments, but has zero personality, yawn.

That's a Ying-Yang power ticket if I've ever seen one.

Randy Bosch

Michael Phelps becomes movie star to promote swimming re-themed remakes of:
"Eight is Enough".
"Eight Below" with an Arctic swimming theme.
Fellini's "Eight and 1/2"
"Legend of the Eight Samurai"

Roger von Oech

Faux Alain Bernard: Glad to see you're holding your head up. So your take is that Phelps goes into politics?

Randy: Gr8 list of film titles for El Phelpso.


Hi, Michael Phelps here for Bayer Aspirin. The only strokes I want are those in the pool, so I take low dose Bayer once a day to prevent heart attacks and those other kind of strokes.

Vitaly Kolesnik

Here are some more options:

Tracy Adams


Removes Grime Many Strokes at a Time!

Just wind Gomer up and watch him stroke his way from one end of the bathtub to the other, cleaning that nasty tub ring away with his tiny red, white and blue scrubbers located on all four olympic-sized legs. He'll turn grime into gold in record setting time! Gomer is equally at home speedo-ing his way around the toilet bowl removing the most unpleasant of stains. (Be sure to remove Gomer when he's done.)

Gomer the Grime Busting Frog, by Phelps, makers of the world's best clean up toys.

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