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Len Taylor

This probably won't count as a new motto, but Russia's new theme song certainly is "Georgia On My Mind."

Aidan Nulman

Russia: Putin you in your place since 1991

Russia: U.S. iS ouR friend; so can you!


My creative juices aren't flowing ..... but let me try my hand.

1] Russia: It's about time we acted like a superpower
2] Russia: Don't call us Soviet Union. We love it.
3] Russia: Just like the U.S.A. But good luck finding Disneyland.

Roger von Oech

Len: Georgia's on a lot of people's minds these days.

Aidan: Well, at least since 2000.

Venusforce: "It's about time we acted like a superpower." Indeed!

Val Courtsly

Russia: "For those of you who are nostalgic for the Cold War, we thought we'd help you reminisce!"


After its activities in the Caucasus this week, Russia's motto should be "Putin' on the Blitz." (With apologies to Irving Berlin.)

Randy Bosch

"Change You Can Count On"
No, wait - that's been taken.

Roger von Oech

Val, Pushkin, Randy: All good. Thanks for contributing.

Stephen Denny

Russia: We Put the Putsch in Pushkin.

Cam Beck

Russia: Your endless supply of brides and orphans.

P Nolan

You knew we were Russia when you let us in.

P Nolan

Changing the world - a few fewer people at a time.

Sunny Bonnell

Russia: Home of the mail-order bride.

Sunny Bonnell

Another spin-off.

Russia: where you can find your wife without ever going.


Russia: our peace looks like this "МИР"

Tracy Adams


If you own it, we own it, too.

Don't mess wit' our motto, or you go KABOOM!


Poor you! Seem to have no idea what Russia actually is...
To Sunny Bonnell: About all that bridestuff - I guess it's such s problem to find a nice lady in the USA:)? If you need to turn to Russia?
It's understandable: American ladies look a little bit "overfeminised".
Sunny Bonnell, you're really wellcome! We, Russians, are very hospitable in case you're polite and intelligent.
But try to get some idea of what Russia is really like, just a slightest idea.
All these mottos in the list look the same as the widely spread Russian idea of what Americans are: very fat, uneducated and stupid fast-food lovers.
Your list is the same. It's meaningless and humiliating.
O.K., guys, let's go on! Let's continue with all this mutual misunderstanding and hatred stuff! That's really great!
Prejudices are children of stupidity.
And hey, Sunny Bonnell! You're still wellcome! Have you ever been to Russia? Seen any Russian ladies? I bet you haven't...


For a lot of women in Russia, if some fat American guy asked them to marry without meeting them...well...they'd spit in your face, that's what they'd do.

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