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Brett Slater

Cool little exercise, Roger... The first one that jumped out at me was New York/Brazil.. I got an image of the scantily-clad women of Copacabana Beach in Rio hanging out at the Copacabana nightclub, and guys like Martin & Lewis, Sammy, and Frank strolling the sands of Rio in their tuxes... Others:

France + California = Even better wine
Canada + Texas = Ten-liter hats
Australia + Ohio = The Ayers Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Not too sure about that last one...


oh, i like that last one. keep it!

mine were more mundane, or at least lacking in clever phrasing. ireland + nevada....something about mining and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow...or of course that pot of gold being in vegas...

peru + utah...machu picchu and zion/canyonlands, both landscapes with a lot of unusual formations...

indonesia + louisiana...unfortunate scenes of oceanic catastrophes. both have incredible cuisine, much of it combining all kinds of wonderful spices and flavors and joie de vivre....

it's late and i'm tired. but i will check back to see some clever submissions! and i may use this in my class, if that's ok!

Jorge Castillo

Belarus + Alaska = You can see Russia from both lands :)


Netherlands + Pennsylvania = Lands of the Dutch (Dutch-Dutch vs. Pennsylvania Dutch, that is)


Tanzania and Alaska. Both contain the highest peaks in their continent (Mt. McKinley, Mount Kilimanjaro)


Florida and Italy. Both have the majority of their area on a peninsula


Very interesting. Can you share your source for the map?

Peter Hoh

Denmark and Indiana: flat
Norway and Minnesota: sweaters
Wisconsin and South Africa: dairies
Russia and New Jersey: the mob
Austria and Virginia: Vienna
Canada and Texas: mounted police

Mindful Mimi

I live in Luxembourg which obviously is not on this map - it usually falls off the map of everything :-) But I like the way this sparks thinking in a different way. Came across your blog via Marelisa's Abundance Blog and I am glad I did.


Canada and Texas- Big and Boring
Not really just thought that sounded funny

Oregon and Israel- They both don't have NFL teams

Sara Ortiz

The only one I can come up with is that Illinois + Mexico reminds me of the fact that there are many Mexicans working in and around Chicago, especially in hotels. I used to live in Chicago and worked in a hotel where all of the maintenance and cleaning staff were Mexican. I went to Wisconsin one time and stayed at a hotel and it actually caught me off-guard that the cleaning crew was Caucasian. I was only living in Chicago for four years and yet that was long enough to build a stereotype of cleaning crews only being Mexican. What a wake up call.


Pakistan and Iceland

You will get spicy-chilli icecream


Florida and Italy = two peninsulas joined together will make an island

France and India + mini sari

Tibet and Bangladesh = flood on the top of Himalaya


It'd be cool if there was a way to distinguish between the two.


Brazil & New York - both contain plenty of nuts!
(Yes, I'm a NY'er!)

Pakistan and Iceland

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