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Randy Bosch

Dylan performed in our remote little town one night five years ago and rocked the house (well, the outdoor on the lawn crowd of about 2400)for over 2-1/2 hours!!

I agree, it took a couple of minutes into a few numbers before the music and lyrics could be recalled as something we once heard him sing!! Was it him or us??

Mike Wagner

Thanks for sharing your point of view on these two great artists. Their intimacy with the music and connections with the listener go beyond the notes on a page.

Observations like these always remind me that there can be "something more" when it comes to nearly anything we do in this world.

Keep creating,

Roger von Oech

Randy: It was Dylan.

Mike: Nice to see you again.

Lewis Green

Rock on, my friend. Just a note: Dylan has devolved into being a mush mouth before. I remember times in the late '60s and much of the '70s where understand what he was singing was impossible (and no, it wasn't from the audience's propensity for chemical stimulation).

cameron ralg

Ive seen both Dylan and DMB this summer and both were amazing different ways. DMB is the best live band today which brings out tons of die hard DMB fans but it is something about hearing Dylan singing Like a Rolling Stone or any other of his classics live. songs like its alright ma Im only bleeding or Maters of war which has as strong as impact on the listeners today as it was in 1965 Dylan is a legend and the best artist of all-time.

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Yes, truly the living legend

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