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Brett Slater

Pretty amazing, Roger -- I've heard it's a beautiful area -- Is it at all politically "tense" being an American in an area so close to Iraq, Syria, and Georgia? Or do you just say you're Canadian?


Roger von Oech

Brtt: Yes, it is a beautiful area. FYI: Turkey and the US are allies (both members of NATO). Syria is maybe 500 miles away. Not tense at all. I always travel as a fun-loving American, because that's what I am. The Turks are quite friendly!

Evren Ustundag

Hi Roger,

it's a great pleasure for me to hear that you visited my country.. If i knew that you were coming, i would have tried to host you as far as i could..Anyways, if you're still in Cappadocia take my little humble advice and taste some Turasan wine in Urgup..

Best regards,

Evren Ustundag

Roger von Oech

Evren: Thanks for the kind offer. Turkey is a beautiful country indeed.

Robyn McMaster

Roger, you and Wendy have had a very awesome experience. These photos are breathtaking. I'm glad I stopped by to see what you are up to.

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