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Jennie Zehmer

I don't remember King Kong holding a kitty cat on top of the Empire State Building - or is that Fay Wray?

Cam Beck

It looks like maybe King Kong is giving a puppet show.

Roger von Oech

My eyes see a "kitty cat puppet" but my mind tells me it's "Fay Wray."


The kitty and ape are amazing! What do the local folks call this formation? I wonder what it looks like from the ground...


I just looked again and realized that this IS the view from the ground - duh! At first glance, I thought it was another photo from your balloon ride.

Roger von Oech

Quinn: Regarding your question -- "What do the local folks call this formation?"

Since the balloon landed in an out of the way place, not many people ever get to see these [King Kong] rocks from this angle. That's one of the things that made sighting it so fun.


Thanks, Roger - what a marvel-ous adventure you shared.

Niche Pro

Great picture! Definitely looks like king kong

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