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      Phyllis Glass

      Hardy har har!

      Jim Ley

      If you click on my name, it should take you to a video that instantly changes my mood.

      It involves a monkey and a finger.

      Roger von Oech

      Jim: I can see why!

      Brett Slater

      As an advertising writer/media developer/comedy afficionado, this one from Weird Al is a current favorite (not counting my own videos, of course).

      By the way, I'm favoriting the laughing Yogi, Roger. Great one!


      i like the info you post..
      good work

      Misha Blank

      Greate post! I just couldn't stop laughing))) really thanks!


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      That's hysterical! Laughter unlocks all sorts of things. I'm a practitioner of conscious dance myself to get in touch with positive emotions, and I have to say, anything that brings a person in touch with joy and positivity is great!

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