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Erik Lauter

Great to see you back, Roger.

Looks like you've been busy! I've got an iPhone, and I'm heading over to the App Store now to get this puppy.

Randy Bosch

Welcome back, Roger!
Now, if I only had an iPhone!!!
All the best.


I love my Whack Pack App! I just made a decision by letting go of the one part of my issue I thought was most important. When I let it go, the pieces fell together nicely. This is a direct application of the card, "Don't fall in Love with Ideas."

The more I use the CWP App, the more my mind is "reprogrammed" with useful and fun strategies to create what I desire!

Since my iPhone is with me most of the time, I have easy access to this mind stimulant. It is the perfect upper when waiting for someone or pausing between activities.


Damn. No joy for Windows mobile users like me.

Now I understand the merits of universally usable products like the good ol' card deck.


Why not a regular Windows App as well? I don't have an iPhone.

Roger von Oech

@Randy: the CWP is a good reason to get an iPhone!

@Wendy: looks like the Creative Whack Pack app is a good friend for you!

@Venusforce and GTG: Maybe in the future!

Rich Carr

CAn you use this on the G1 Google phone?

Roger von Oech

@ Rich: No, you can't use the Creative Whack Pack iPhone app on Android smartphones — only on iPhones.

Perhaps, in the future, we create an Android version if we think the market is there.

Thanks for asking!


I own both Kick and Whack..the books are almost falling apart I've had them so long. Fantastic. And good that you're sharing your excellent ideas to a whole new bunch. I wanna get an iPhone now!!!

Roger von Oech

Hi Adchick,

Thanks for the very kind words. Yes, iPhones are fun and practical.

Angela Booth

I've owned the card pack for years, and have used the cards at various times, but they never seem to be available when I need them -- or I forget they exist when I most need them. :-)

I bought the iPhone app yesterday, and have been playing with it on and off ever since. I LOVE IT. I'm sure it will continue to be a source of excitement, inspiration and motivation to me. Great work, and thank you so much.


I would very much like to have an Android version of the Creative Whack Pack.

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Great thing i have an iphone and i love it! It would also be good if its compatible with android.

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