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Erik Lauter

Thanks for sharing. I love my CWP app!


Roger, i really wanted to have a try at your products. but i dont have an IPhone so which one of your products would be good for me? I got sony erricsson P990i.

I am a 25 year old guy with financial services career line at the moment.


Luc Debaisieux


The CWP app is a smart, useful and fun app. I use it to short circuit my thoughts and re-bounce towards a new angle of what I was doing before I opened the app. Whether just before a briefing, during problem solving, or into a creative process, the benefit is always tangible. I particularly love the "Whack of the Day" that I try to pop every day. I think that the iPhone (or a phone) is a great platform for creative tools as you usually carry them around with you.

So... what's app #2 going to be?
Here is an idea : what about building an app from scratch, based on creativity (as a theme, for example) + social media feedback or collaborative work?

Roger von Oech

Luc: Thanks for the very kind comments. I'm glad you're enjoying your CWP App. I very much like your suggestion for App #2!


roger if you dont mind, i asked you something up there. Thank you.

Roger von Oech

Hi M. The only smartphone platform for which the Creative Whack Pack is available is the iPhone.

We're currently watching closely to see what kind of market develops for Android and Blackberry. If they look promising, then I may make a CWP for them as well. I don't know where Sony Ericsson fits into the mix.

If you'd like to try some of my other products, check out this link:

I recommend the "A Whack on the Side of the Head" book, and the "Creative Whack Pack" card deck.

THanks for your persistence! Best wishes.


thanks alot roger. great help!

here is an amazing creative blog! Have a look! you'll love it :> xoxo

Andrew Brown

I don't have an iphone but I thought I could just run the app from the iPhone Simulator. Tis not the case. =(

When can we see a OSX Creative Wackpack Widget?

Roger von Oech

Hi Andrew! No OSX WhackPack Widget in the near future.

But what you can do is click on the "Creative Whack of the Day" at the top of this blog (it's also on my home page Hopes this gets your juices going.

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here is an amazing creative blog. I don't have an i phone but I thought I could just run the app from the i Phone Simulator

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Where is the whack pack widget for mac dashboard? Far more people using mac computers than iphones.

As you will remember I was the one that gave you the idea for the widget and iphone app.

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