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Erik Lauter

I love my Ball of Whacks. I can't wait to get my hands on an X-Ball. Good job Roger!

Philip Dhingra

I was fortunate enough to get a pre-release version of this, and I love it!

Vince Namura

You've had a good month, Roger. First the Creative Whack Pack iPhone app, and now the X-Ball. What's next?

Luc Debaisieux

Hey Roger!
Congratulations for this new invention. I just knew you were going to throw another ball... And this one looks even more explosive than the Ball of Whacks! Definitely the next item on my shopping list. Even if I have to fly to NYC to get one. ; )

Gavin Heaton

This looks frustratingly cool. Does it explode like the Ball of Whacks?

Roger von Oech

Yes,Luc and Gavin, the X-Ball is a lot of fun. No, it doesn't "explode" (the Ball of Whacks doesn't either). Thanks for stopping by.

Mark McGuinness

This looks very cool! I would ask how you think these things up - but I guess you've given us a few hints over the years. :-)

Randy Bosch

Roger! No polygon is safe now!
Looking forward to seeing the "X-Ball" in the left margin "My Products" list!
All the best.


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