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      Erik Lauter

      Oh so cute!


      Ouch! Man, don't let your dog do that. Puppies and stairs are a really bad combo! I have a baby gate on my stairs until the pups are capable of dealing with stairs.


      Asalamu alaykom,

      Actually practice makes better not perfect. Aiming for perfection is setting yourself up for an impossibility and usually results in procrastination.

      Shakespeare's Debtor

      Mrs. Shakespeare said that is a brave little dog.
      She is going to show your video to a friend who has a look-a-like dog.

      Shakespeare's Debtor (Aren't we all?)


      If you need to give your dog access to his house-or your house-you might consider either dog stairs or a pet ramp to let them in. Thanks for great video!

      Dog Stairs

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