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Good insights into product marketing in general.


What you point out about sales/marketing here, and the Web's impact on methods, is really interesting. Word-of-mouth has seemed to be the best method even offline; blogs, tweets, posts, etc., being the online incarnation of these-- seems consistent.

Regarding pricing/the '09 'gold rush'-- I remember having shareware on my little Mac toaster when I was a teenager. I doubt most of those programmers got much of their money back. It's a strange conflict, Internet resources and pricing...I see newspapers and other publications grappling with it. Right now I think people are desperate for a reliable stream of income, and memories of ground-floor opportunities in the early Web days are still fresh. We seem to be in an intensely creative period with apps-- not just as an end in themselves on an iPod, but thinking about how they will be players in the next wave of technology when some are bundled together, some are modular, some are reciprocal or integrated with others...they look to me like a great building block, much as several small shops can make up a mall.

Roger von Oech

Good insights, Shelbey! I'm still thinking about pricing. In my mind, there's a tension between many people's belief that "stuff on the internet should be free," and my belief that the "creator should find a way to be compensated for his efforts and property." This story still has a ways to go before it's resolved.

You say: "when some are bundled together, some are modular, some are reciprocal or integrated with others ...they look to me like a great building block, much as several small shops can make up a mall."

I've also wondered what other Apps would complement mine. I'm sure other developers has had similar ideas.


thanks, roger-- i've been mulling over your response for a few weeks. as an aspiring writer who has seen blogs, etc. replace the 'writer's market,' i too wonder how creators-- producers-- designers-- developers can be compensated. it's affecting a lot of fields-- journalism comes to mind too.

regarding building blocks, i wonder if your developer-friends have a bit of code they could put in to apps, sort of like a trailer hitch on a car, or an overpass connecting roads...i suppose the types of metaphors to play with [beyond the 'mall'] are types of connectors, ranging from alternate currents to y-jacks. i think i'll go play with a few to see how they could be combined.

Sue Trumpfheller

I'm taking some book I already wrote years ago and want to give them some new energy. Pulled out my Whack Pack cards for some inspiration and as always right on target. Then I decided to see what you were up to these days. card are 15 years old I would guess. and the blog post added more inspiration and ideas on where to take my books.

Ever grateful for stimulated me another day!

Tree Climbing Spikes

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