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Randy Bosch

Heartfelt congratulations!!
Keep it up (as long as you enjoy it)!
Regardless of your profound contributions elsewhere, the time spent swimming is (after family/loved ones) the best time invested in life! And, I assume some of the best "Creative Think" happens in the pool.

nintendo dsi r4

Congrats !!! You are doing great. Keep this great work. You can inspire anybody.

Shakespeare's Debtor

RE: 2 Ask "Why?"
“Is it against the law to yell ‘Movie!’ in a crowded fire house?”

1) Might depend on the jurisdiction.

2) But isn't the real question: If "It's crackers to slip a rozzer the dropsy in snide," is it rozzy to drop a cracker to a nipper of slide?

John (Shakespeare's Debtor)

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