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Randy Bosch

Great thing to do. Now, if you can find a source for Robert Hughe's PBS production called "Shock of the New" (excellent series with usual PBS book on modern art & architecture) - please let me know (I didn't acquire it when I should have).
It is outstanding.

Roger von Oech

I liked Robert Hughes. He was quite opinionated but he knew his stuff.

I'm looking for a series from the late 70s/early80s about religion called something like "The Big Search." Ring any bells for anyone?

Barbara Winter

Wow! I loved that series and even have the accompanying book, but am startled that it was that long ago. And I was there the first time around.

Roger von Oech

Hi Barbara: Yeah, I amazed me that it was four decades ago as well.

I enjoyed visiting your site: Some interesting things!

re: "The Big Search".
Try Amazon, VHS videos,
"The LONG Search" - might be your target.


Civilisation could never be created today. In "The Skin of our Teeth" Clark says designs in celtic illuminated manuscripts are far more elaborate than those in Islamic art. Could you imagine the BBC allowing that kind of statement today? Moreover Clark casts the Christian church as a civilizing influence. I love this series because one could never hear such honest statements in our modern Politically Correct world.


great series)) I have also liked the series about the history of art))

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