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Bev Scott

I've been using the Creative Whack Pack since last spring when it first came out. I have it on my "home screen." I especially love the sounds on the new version.


Any chance of this being made available for Android phones? I'd certainly be interested. :)

Roger von Oech

Don: Maybe in the spring. There has to be a much better Andoid "App Store" before I commit resources to port the app to the Droid and other Andoid phones.


I'd also hop on the Opportunity to use Creative Whack Pack on my Droid (Android 2.0) mobile device. I'm sure many of your fans are now (or soon to be) Android users. I'm one, along with 4 of my colleagues. Used resources for the port can be written off as a cost of saving the planet... after all, you'd be saving quite a few trees!


It will be great if you can put this app on the android market!

Roy Blumenthal

Hiya Roger...

I'm an Android user too. And I'd LOVE to get this on my phone!

I've bought about twenty regular decks over the years. Love the HECK out of my Whack Pack!!!

Please please pretty please pop it on Android!

Blue skies


Just wanted to add one more vote for the idea of putting this on the Android market!

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