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Graham Horton

Understand that rules are important, and yet break them constantly.

Understand that good ideas must be relevant, yet constantly be thinking about irrelevancies.

David LaMorte

The one saying that we heard a lot in art school was "Learn the rules before you break the rules." That was probably the most valuable lesson I learned in my 4 years there.

Shalini Bahl

These are awesome. Here are a few that come to my mind:

Be aware of thinking patterns shaped by the past to be creative in the present

Being mindful in business is profitable. Yes, for many this is paradoxical.

You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it (Einstein quote)

In order to live a life of abundance, be free from desire for abundance

To be more productive, practice doing nothing regularly.


Plan but abandon the plan as needed.


Lovely! Here's my paradox.

Get passionate about the idea and throw yourself into it while at the same time staying detached in case it doesn't take off (or even for that matter gets taken over by a collective - stronger - force later on...)

Roger von Oech

Jimmy, Shalini, WDF, David, Graham: Thanks for your additions!

Roy Jacobsen

How about:

Creating something original starts with something that already exists.

Ambulance Charlotte

These are awesome. Being mindful in business is profitable. Yes, for many this is paradoxical. keep it up

Shakespeare's Debtor

Why the prohibition on mental disorders?
There are enough exceptionally creative manic- depressives that some people theorize the condition is an aid to creativity.
Temple Grandin is autistic, but is very creative.
(Perhaps Michael Michalko does not consider these to be mental disorders. At least some mental health professionals would disagree.)
John (Shakespeare's Debtor)

martha hart

Listen to your inner artist's voice without listening to the external critics/naysayers/supporters... they always want something that fits into a category they already know. You're trying to find new ways.

Thanks - lovely post.

Mark Dykeman

You can find innovative ideas in the mundane and commonplace.

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Randy Bosch

"Nothing endures but change". Heraclitus

Bill Wren

Some of these are variations on what others have mentioned:

- Break the rules within the rules.

- Remember to forget.

- Still is still moving. (Willie Nelson)

- A straight line is the least interesting distance between two points. (not sure who said that)

- Don't confuse the true with the real.


Truth has many faces. Yesterday's Truth can be today's Untruth. And this is true.

Randy Bosch

Recognize non-repeating patterns.


This is "sort of" a paradox if you let it sink a bit.

"No one is smart enought to be a 100 % wrong"

Or maybe it isn't ;) But I really like it and it fits here.


Learning how to fail is to me, a life on its way to success.

Another I would add is that everything is modifiable, no matter how solid it seems.


Regarding: Creating many ideas - but many of them are useless

Perhaps we shouldn't label our "excess" ideas as useless, but just unusable for the time being. Sometimes the idea is good but the conditions are not right to use it yet (& even later it might need some tweaking)

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Being mindful in business is profitable. Yes, for many this is paradoxical. Temple Grandin is autistic, but is very creative.

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