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- TEST YOUR ASSUMPTIONS, especially the most obvious (your intuition tricks you a lot). The hard thing about it is that you don't realize how many you are making because they are mostly unconscious and they are SO subtle.

- On forgetting rules you've learned: I interpret "forgetting" as using them until they become an intuitive and effortless, then you see that the assumptions are over generalised. Example: the rule "the chess peaces bishop and knight are equally valuable, 3 points", then you forget it by learning that knights are better in a closed position and keep finding new 'layers' of subtleties that give one the advantage over the other.

- ASSUME there IS an elegant solution for a problem (even if it seems unreasonable) and be RELAXED by not knowing it and in general fall in love with the great mysteries of nature, with the large amount of questions you can not answer.

- Leave problems you can't solve. Work on YOURSELF instead of THE PROBLEM. Then come back to them.

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That is a great post. Though there are other ideas which is quite crazy, I still love our ideas.


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I really connected with this post. Made me feel relieved that I'm not as polarizing as I think I am. Or maybe I am or am not. Hmmmm. Thanks!

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