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      He's all set to bring Gotham to its knees...

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      Thats soo Funny.... :))




      I'm a bit squeamish about this after seeing "There's Something About Mary" (fish hook scene)


      Interesting, haha

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      OMG, it's bizarre.. I need to give it a try :)

      Douglas ( MLM Business Opportunity )

      Did the Joker have one?

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      That really to funny


      HAHAHA wonderful!!
      Another idea useful to give away smiles to freinds! XD

      Ben Terry

      Nice one, ive seen this done before but this guys smile seems to suit it all the more,

      like your website however you almost scared me off when i seen your picture on your header, i thought you were some type of cult leader

      you look evil

      lol joking

      good site


      Nice post reallyyyyyy funny.


      Simply put "Magnifico!". Can not wait for more. Happiness worldwide. You have brought tears to the eyes of this old woman!

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      Creative & very funny. It makes my day..

      Geoffrey Talbot

      Dude this is a really creative blog I love it.

      These above picture looks potentially painful? Is it more damaging to the lips or the ears.

      I am thinking the lips. If you added Botox this could be a great way to create a permagrin?

      Just saying. Thanks for sharing.


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