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Randy Bosch

And was the shadow length the same as last year's?

On direct axis from our house, on the Solstice, the Sun sets directly over Teton Pass - exactly there - except for minor perturbations from year to year since the earth does wobble a bit (perhaps from imbibing too much oil?).

This year the sun hit spot on! We thus concluded that the earth has not flipped on its axis, and enjoyed a glass of fine Zinfandel in celebration.

Yes, as Carl Spackler would say: "so we've got that going for us..which is nice."


Hi, I found your website on the list of the 50 Best Blogs for creative thinking. Congratulations. I'm always interested in creativity of all kinds. Great site.

Tim Cohn

A Carl Spackler classic!

I was born on the the vernal equinox.

What type of shadows does it produce?

company logo design

That interesting post! very mice to red it! n you are working great! i like that pic in which that guys were measuring that shadow.... :P i like it!

EFT Tapping (Natalie)

Well, I was swimming laps today at noon in Scottsdale, Arizona and bemoaning those same short shadows. Was afraid I'd get a sunburn!

Farica Litwin

Now that's a little something you can make your students do as some sort of an assignment. Thanks for the wonderful idea!


One of the pluses of swimming Masters at noon is that we get to observe the sun's transit on a daily basis. The sun's transit is its highest point in the sky each day.

Hartford Brakes

It's amazing how to the Sun and Earth makes connection.

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