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Will this work on my ipod touch 3 gen?


Never mind I had to update my OS to the latest.

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Nice article, thanks for sharing.

Douglas (Watkins)

Its tempting to get a new IPhone.


If we make an update was also entitled to two free applications included?


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Carlton Berlacher

Both the apps for the same price is great offer, I wonder whether this bonus is still available not.


Great apps for iPad and iPhone, would be great if those are up for download on the web.

Keith Harmeyer

Roger, as you know, we are big fans of Creative Whack Pack - the original and the app - and not only refer to it ourselves for inspiration, but use it with clients when the mood seems right. Thanks for some great thinking, great products and for paving the way for others of us working in the creative problem solving and brainstorming technique arena.


Good thing Creative Whack made it to iPhone. You never know when you'll need it.

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This app is very enticing and diverse! Sounds very cool. I just got the app, and I’m looking forward to checking it out!

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Hehe got a great app. Very nice!


This ap looks great and I think the iPhone is on my list of must haves


In the modern world, we have no excuse for losing an idea! It's coming up with ideas that is often the problem.


This app pushed me over the edge. Had to break down and get an iPhone. Definitely worth it.

Steve Murphy

Its a very nice app.. I have a question - Will this work on iPhone 4?? I just bought new iphone 4 and interested in this app... Please guide me..

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I just can't wait to check out this app.. I hope there is no issue in installing this app?? Anyone facing any issue??

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That is why I love iphone.. So many apps.. It have app for almost everything... Love you my iphone...

Mike Cruz

When it comes to apple period there is no better dude. Awesome post

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cool anddiverse! Sounds very exciting, I love iphone

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