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What you actually gave us are useful. Different strategies which can be used will help us gain learnings.

assistance informatique

Nice apps ;) Thx for this tips. I will buy an iPad soon and i think this apps will be useful. Thx again ;)


This app looks very great ,this app great for ipad and ,iphone...

Trademark Application

The Creative Whack Pack is a deck of cards with inspirational messages geared toward promoting creativity designed by Roger von Oech. Think of it like quote of the day with a purpose and a positive message. Now, the Creative Whack Pack is available as an iPad app, which gives you instant access to all 84 cards in the physical pack. However, before writing this off as inspirational puff, take a close look. These cards are popular around the world for a reason. Oech is master wordsmith who has designed each saying to be a high-impact thought that will get those creative juices flowing.

Tungsten Grinder

Thanks, I just got me an iPad 2, I will try this out!


very creative app and sometime it help me when i am confused in taking decisions.

4C Creatives

Great App, keep up the good work! I need to get an ipad! Thanks

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