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ann michael

Roger -

This is an interesting topic. I think one of the key points here is that you can't (in my experience) explain to someone why they should be dissatisfied.

I agree with you that the tricky part is leading them to a state of dissatisfaction. I don't think you can do that soley based on fact and explanation (not that I think you're advocating that!). It's mostly based on emotion. They need to feel it.

The other tricky part is making sure those emotions don't backfire on you and you get a group of people terrified of change!

Guiding those emotions into a positive creative force is really the magic.

Great post!


David Armano

Roger, In my "MRI is Terrible Experience" post, I listed several areas of "dissatisfaction". But toward the end, I proposed some creative solutions about how it can be better. You make a good point stressing the willingness to make (or at least suggest) change.

Roger von Oech

Ann and David,

Thanks for your comments. I wish I could be more motivated by some big dream of "Ta-Da," but in my case at least 60% of the time it's that gnawing pebble in my shoe that finally makes me take off the shoe and in the process realize that I should've been wearing ice skates.


Hi Roger ,

Great post . The role of dissatisfaction in the creative process is often overlooked or underestimated



I know I started my website because I was dissatisfied with work as I knew it, mostly still am, but the website gives me something so that my mind isn't always rolling around what I hate about work. I also found a passion in doing what I do, and that doesn't leave a lot of room for dissatisfaction.

However, the website will never be done, so I'm always dissatisfied with it enough to tweak, fix and put up more content!

An interesting hypothesis - dissatisfaction!

I love your site and your blog.

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