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Sue Player

"You must work on great ideas, not good ones."
I thought a page on this site listing great ideas to be worked on - by anyone who comes across the page - might be fun. It also might produce some great new things. I envision a situation in which one person throws out an idea that they don't intend to develop because they either (a) can't find a solution to, (b) don't have the background, time, means, or qualifications to work on, (c) don't have the interest to allocate a significant portion of their time but think another person might want to work on. After coming across the idea posted, another site visitor might find a solution to the problem proposed. The ideas posted would probably best be somewhat specific, but not too specific. For example, alleviating world hunger would be too general b/c everyone already agrees it's a great idea to work on, and the idea is not new. But, the idea of using a website supported only by sponsors to raise donations from users, whose exercise of their intelligence, or practice of skills, produces the money used to feed the hungry, would be a good example of a great idea. (Incidentally, the site is one such example.)

used computers

I have had the pc 701for 1 day but the keyboard is very sticky. I also had to press down harder on the space bar and if you press it on the very left hand or right hand side it actually doesn't appear to work at all sometimes. I was thinkingabout returning it, but do you think that might just be afeature? Like yourself, the middle of the space bar seems to work fine it's the edges of the space bar that don't seem to work as well .

shibu computer science

I think its because of the lose of ink below the pad sheet of the key board,if it lost,the same problem will appear..better to replace the pad or clean it..

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