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Liz Strauss

Hello, Roger!
Nice to meet you again. Gosh I like your video. What a great idea, but then I guess you've had a few of those. :)

Mark McGuinness

Nice to see you Roger - and the cat! You're right, video does bring a blog alive, I should move it up my 'to do' list...

Daniel Scocco

Hey Roger, great idea. I think more people should do the same, the video really puts on the table what person you are.



So you're turning into a vlogger eh? I thought the compression was fine, the audio could use some love though, try testing a sock or nylon over the mic, it helps reduce the high notes, or some sound board around (or in front of you off camera) to contain the echo effect. I'm sure audiophiles have tons more tips, how about an audio blog? ; )= And as you dive more into this medium, you can add graphics, photos, etc. with iMovie, it's super simple. It's a great use of the medium to deliver a heart felt thank you, but be judicious of the use (does the video help the message?), as it just might appear like so many out there, using video because it's the new thang.


ps - I know your products from about 10 years ago. It's good to meet the author in this forum.

David Armano

Hello again Roger. :) Great to see and hear you.

You are becoming a case study for participation vs. observation. Meaning you've made the jump and haven't looked back.

Great to see. Keep it up.

Nice kitty.


I think for the right person, like yourself, the video increases the dynamics at Creative Think. I haven't mustered the nerve to even put a picture up on mine, let along a video :-0

Paul McEnany


Great video! Glad to see you actually got it worked out. And that might have been the greatest sign off ever. :)


Joey from Taiwan

Happy whacking, heeh.

Yeah it's always great to see dummy movies at youtube, it is stupid, no doubt, but beyond funny we really can see SOMETHING inside, you know.

ann michael

Roger - great jump into video blogging! Now I can put a voice and style to your face and writing. It really does help complete the picture.

Nice to "meet" you!


Teresa Twomey

Nice to talk to you today. I think your video is a great idea and well done. You have a really wonderful energy about you. You come across as fun, enthusiastic, interested and sincere.
That said, I'm going to go finish the chapter!
Best Wishes,


A weekend off, a day out on a shooting... and what do I discover on your block when I come back? "Wack" here you are with a nice video post!

Thanks for that, Roger. Just love it. Great to see you and "feel your energy" as you mention. It works!
: )


Bravo for doing the brave video step. Impressed. You just light up when you talk "the whack". Ain't that what life's about?

Welcome to the inside of the 'sphere. And I dig the cat.

Mary Vasconcellos

Mr Fun

What a whack I got reading all of this. So now you're a Bloddy blogger :-)))

I need a Hair Blog! What a fun place this is.

Happy whacking.


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