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Liz Strauss

When you sent this to me I was in the middle of writing a post about how it's better to be inconsistently wrong than consistently right. But I think my most favorite is one my husband said during a discussion he was having with me about his job at the time, "If you want perfection, you have to expect a few flaws."

Michael Wagner

A professor of mine use to say, "you're not ready to learn till you are sufficiently confused".

He would go on to confuse us till we were ready to learn.

He was my favorite!

I love paradoxes too!

What a great way to start Monday - thanks.

Roger von Oech

Thanks Liz and Mike. As the ancient Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu put it, "Most true things are stated in paradoxes."

Robert Benchley

"Drawing on my fine command of language, I said nothing."


I recently read in a book:

"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is."

It is not a classical paradox but it also has this riddle logic.

Carl Becker

The significance of man is that he is insignificant and is aware of it.


Pleasing others may injure me.
Pleasing myself may benefit others.
Not forcing an issue makes space for something else to happen.
Trying to control other people seldom leads to the desired outcome.

Roger von Oech


You must live a very paradoxical, interesting life! Lao-Tzu was right: "Most true things are stated in paradoxes."

G.B. Veerman

Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded.
(Yogi Berra).

Robert Wieder

"Whenever I'm accosted by panhandlers, I give them a little card that says, 'I'm sorry, but I spent all of my spare change having these cards printed.'"

Peter Ustinov

"Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious."


My favourite 2 by Yogi Berra:

" The future ain't what it used to be "

" If the world were perfect, it wouldn't be "

P.D. Perkins

I dont Know Where I heard it But It Made Total Paradoxical Sense!
"It Adds Flavor, But You Can't Taste it "

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Awesome, this is the reason i come to your site almost daily. Your articles are always up to date and interesting. Thanks again.


The following statement is true.

The previous statement is false.

G. Lance

Tim O'Brien's The Things They Carried is filled with paradoxes along the lines of:

I went to war because I was a coward.

The moral of war is that there is no moral.

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