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David Armano

Know how you can tell is someone has an issue with ego?

They'll tell you they don't have one.

I have a pretty big ego. We all have egos (if you don't, you aren't human)

But I also believe that ego is one of the true enemies to creativity. So I do my best to control it and put that ego-energy into more productive places.

I think your point about judgment is key. When egos go unchecked, that's when poor decisions get made.

Great reminder Roger.

Liz Strauss

Oh my goodness. I've never had so much success, even in this many years that I could come near thinking that the next failure wasn't a close one. Arrogance is a word I don't cotton or have room for.

I've met too many who think that an idea is a good one just because they had it. I've had too many bad ideas to ever fall for that temptation. I'll stay a little shy a greatness thank you very much. :)

Paul McEnany

I have a pretty big ego, but luckily I also happen to be massively awesome to back it up. :)

That was sarcasm, for anyone currently scowling at me.


"Has this success made me less receptive to alternative approaches?"

Cynthia Barton Rabe refers to this as ExpertThink - one of the major innovation killers on the planet today - in her book the Innovation Killers.

Great thought-provacation Roger!

Mack Collier

Another is 'Don't believe your own hype'. I can think of a few A-Listers that break this rule all the time ;)

BTW Roger the Ball of Whacks freakin' rocks! I am totally addicted to fiddling with them, and I've got some marketing ideas for it that I'll share on the Garden next week.

Victor H Hall

Wow, this is very interesting.I am attempting to get a painting authenticated and there is a very arrogant and none objective person in the way.

He feels that his eyes are better than any scientific instrument and is very stubborn...i think the Greek Word Hubris is upon him as he is as wrong as alien pictures on paper dollars!

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